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Our Values and Our Advantage

We believe in getting to know our customers.  Each individual organization has its own set of unique challenges and needs that must be satisfied to be successful. We create solutions that are custom tailored   to meet your organization's individual needs.  Our organization provides an entire menu of diverse options.  You can choose any or all of these options with the knowledge that each option can be customized for your organization's  requirements. During our interview process, we identify your needs, help you set goals, and work with you to achieve them. At the end of the process, we provide you with the right information at the right time to create a clear- cut, long- term strategy to reach your full potential.

The President

Michael Mulvihill has a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree  from the University of Mississippi and a Master's of Business Administration degree from Mississippi College.  Michael worked in state government for 30 years with an emphasis in career and technical education, workforce development and economic development including experiences in finance, auditing, computer support, and program management.  He has served on numerous national and state boards and committees.  Michael values long -term working relationships with customers and looks forward to working with you and your organization.

Vice President of Professional Development

Don Hardin has a Bachelor and Master of Education degree from Mississippi State University.  Don has worked in public educations for 35 years as a Career Technical Instructor and as an Administrator. Within the time frame of 35 years, he has continued to reinvent his professional advancement status to stay current with latest educational technology and new emphasis in education. Upon his retirement from the public education workforce, he was employed by the Mississippi Department of Education as a mentor and consultant to advance the skill set of new CTE administrators. Through his association with numerous school districts, Don provided direct assistance to district compliance and reporting requirements related to the Carl Perkins Act, financial auditing, computer program support, and program management related to the ever-changing workforce needs. He values long -term working relationships with customers and looks forward to working with you and your organization.

Director of Reporting

Gage Ashley served 4 years in the Air National Guard and currently pursues a Bachelor's Degree in computer science. At Mulvihill Enterprises, Gage edits and updates the website while also managing and collecting all related data to produce effective and comprehensible reporting. This ensures your organization has the knowledge and statistics needed to achieve its goals in the most efficient way possible.

Senior Director of Organizational Development

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Glenna G. Allen has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Master of Education in Counseling and Personnel Services, and a second Master’s degree in Sports Administration with an emphasis in Sports Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. She manages all aspects of our organizational development. She oversees the development of internal and external training programs, including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Employee Wellness strategies, and Sexual Harassment. Her passion is creating leadership development, team development, and organizational communication programs and practices that create happy employees while ensuring they align with company goals. She has helped Mulvihill Enterprises implement strategies, plans, and programs to help clients attract and retain talent in this fiercely competitive market. She has previously written proposals, grants, and training on Best Practices in grant writing, assessment development, and coaching skills for leaders, and most recently, presented effective grant writing techniques at the National Workforce Development Conference (NCATE). 

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